Jaguar XKR Full Paint Correction & Detail

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We recently had the pleasure of performing our Paint Correction service on our clients beautiful 2013 Jaguar XKR. Powered by a 510 HP Supercharged 5.0L V8, this car was deserving of a proper detail to make its looks match the impressive performance figures. After a multistage compounding & polishing process, the cars grey metallic really started to pop revealing stunning levels of clarity and gloss. I'll let the pictures show the rest but no doubt this is now one of the cleanest Jag's around!

Like many cars we see, On first impression the Jag looked to be very clean and in what the untrained eye might see as "good" condition. Since very few cars truly are in perfect shape, we immediately took that car out in the sun to inspect the paint. Upon closer examination it was clear that the XKR's paint showed the many signs of improper washing and neglect. Swirling, scratching, and marks from everyday wear and tear where quite visible to the naked eye while under the direct sunlight as shown by the photos below. 

After Inspection we moved on to the wash and prep work to get the car ready for paint correction and polishing. In addition to the car being meticulously washed by hand we also deep cleaned the wheels removing many miles of built up brake dust and grime The car was then brought inside and all painted surfaces were clay barred to remove any bonded surface contaminants allowing for a cleaner polishing process with better results. 

Getting foamed down prior to wash

Cleaning up the wheels of brake dust using our Ph balanced wheel cleaner. 

Before compounding on the rear fender - Swirls very evident. 

All defects removed after compounding. Photo prior to finishing polish. 

Hood Before

Hood After

Front Fender Before

After Compounding

Here is a video showing before/after on the drivers side front fender. The front has been compounded while the rear has yet to be touched. 

Working on polishing the intricate areas around the hood vents. 

Some photos from after final polishing

Stunning clarity & gloss. Look at the reflection of the LED light!

The engine bay also received a detailing. The 5.0L V8 deserved a clean home.

Although the exterior paintwork was the focus of this project, the interior did receive a thorough cleaning & detailing. All leather surfaces were cleaned and conditioned while the floormats were steam cleaned and extracted. 

We also had a chance to pull the car outside for some beauty shots. Needless to say, the car looked absolutely fantastic!


Thank you for taking the time to look at our recap of this Jaguar project, it was truly a pleasure making this beast look its best! If your car is looking old and tired, or your new car needs protecting, look no further.  We are the destination for top quality auto detailing, paint correction, and clear bra services in Fairfield County CT and Westchester County NY.  

Located in Darien CT (next to Stamford), we care for every car we touch as if it was our own. Using only the best quality products and time tested techniques, we don't cut corners and go the extra mile to make sure that every customers experience with us is an exceptional one. Give us a call today and we can customize package of car care services for the needs of you and your vehicle.