Porsche Turbo Xpel Ultimate Installation

We recently had the pleasure of performing a number of our services on this lovely 997 Porsche Turbo. After a minor accident, our customer wanted to protect his freshly re-painted bumper with XPEL Ultimate, remove and replace some aging clear bra, and have a one step enhancement polish and full interior detail performed.

Upon receiving the car it was immediately clear that the old competitors clear bra had began to fade and was in need of replacement. All paint protection films are not created equal unfortunately, and as a result many of the films out there look great upon installation only to rapidly degrade, yellow, and fade tarnishing the image of an otherwise beautiful performance car. Thankfully due to a number of technologies including its protective self-healing clearcoat, these are issues that XPEL Ultimate does not have to deal with. It is what we install on every car that comes to us for paint protection film, and backed by a 10 year warranty it is simply the best quality film available in todays market.

We began our process by removing the old, yellowed film from the mirrors, headlights, and the leading edge of the hood and fenders.


When removing clear bra many shops simply rip it off the car, aggressively peeling whatever they can get a hand on with little regard to how safe it is for the paint. When removing old film at Darien Detail, We like to do it the proper way by safely heating the film with steam, and lifting it away from the paint gradually rather than "peeling" it off. The purpose of this is to allow the adhesive to naturally release with as little tension as possible on the leading edge. 

Although hard to catch in photographs while on the car, the yellowing of the old film was very evident once removed. 

Once all of the old yellowed film had been removed from the car, we went ahead and removed the headlights and sidemarkers prior to the wash. Removing these pieces allows us to wrap and tuck edges into areas that would otherwise be inaccessible ensuring a cleaner install. We remove them prior to the wash so that we can clean in the areas that the film will be tucked into. 

We then got started on the wash and prepwork. Here is out PH-balanced wheel cleaner going to work on the Porsche brake dust!

The car was then foamed down and washed safely via the two bucket method with grit guards. We also decontaminated the paint via claybar to ensure a silky smooth, clean surface for the film to bond to.

After the car had been prepped, we brought it inside and proceeded with a one step polish to remove lighter swirling and give the paint some extra gloss. Once that was completed it was time to install the Xpel Ultimate! This customer requested we protect the front bumper, full hood, partial fenders, mirrors, and headlights. He also requested that we protect the impact area below the side intakes as the factory piece had been previously removed. 

We started with the full hood coverage. Here you can see the film being "back-rolled" ensuring the adhesive side of the film is exposed to open air for only a split second, minimizing any chance of dust getting underneath the film. As you can see, We also removed the Porsche hood crest allowing an installation free of a visible "cutout". We will reinstall it later, on top of the film. 

Getting the film positioned and aligned properly. 

Beginning squeegeeing. As you can see we elected to wrap all edges of the hood for a clean, seamless install. 


When applied properly,  Xpel Ultimate is virtually invisible .

After the film had some time to dry, we came back and finished wrapping all the edges for a seamless look. 

We then applied the OEM style impact protection in front of the rear wheel arches. 

Although we always reccomending covering the entire fenders for a cleaner look, it was requested that we only install partial coverage on the leading edge this time around. 

Wiping down the bumper getting ready to install the film. 

Edited - 35 of 59.jpg

Getting the bumper piece positioned. 


Not pictured, The mirrors and headlights were also covered with Xpel Ultimate

Once all areas were protected and all edges were wrapped we re installed the headlights, side markers and hood crest.  

Edited - 44 of 59.jpg

The hood crest and rubber grommet were both meticulously cleaned of built up grime and reinstalled with brand new speed nuts from Porsche for a snug fitment that will stand the test of time. 

With the Xpel installation finished we moved onto the interior which received a full detail including leather cleaning and conditioning. 

Unfortunately it was raining pretty hard on the day we finished this project, but luckily we were able to take a few after photos outside when the owner came for delivery. 

Thank you for taking the time to look at our recap of this Porsche project, We really enjoyed being able to bring this Porsche Turbo back to life and protect it for the road going forward.  If your car is looking old and tired, or your new car needs protecting, look no further.  We are the destination for top quality auto detailing, paint correction, and clear bra services in Fairfield County CT and Westchester County NY.  

Located in Darien CT (next to Stamford), we care for every car we touch as if it was our own. Using only the best quality products and time tested techniques, we don't cut corners and go the extra mile to make sure that every customers experience with us is an exceptional one. Give us a call today and we can customize package of car care services for the needs of you and your vehicle. 

Jaguar XKR Full Paint Correction & Detail

Jaguar XKR Full Paint Correction & Detail

We recently had the pleasure of performing our Paint Correction service on our clients beautiful 2013 Jaguar XKR. Powered by a 510 HP Supercharged 5.0L V8, this car was deserving of a proper detail to make its looks match the impressive performance figures. After a multistage compounding & polishing process, the cars grey metallic really started to pop revealing stunning levels of clarity and gloss. I'll let the pictures show the rest but no doubt this is now one of the cleanest Jag's around!